Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Favorites!

A friend asked me to post my top ten favorite things, so here goes:

1. ipod Nano - the perfect playlist + the perfect day = total perfection!
2. Nike Shox - this plus number 1 = perfection as well! I love to run, and it's so great that you can track your workouts using the Nike plus feature on the iPod Nano!
3. Live Concerts. Of all kinds.
4. The Beach. I don't care if I'm in Florida, California, the Mediterranean or just Texas beaches for crying out loud. I just LOVE the sand and the sea and the seagulls!
5. Iced coffee - Starbucks, Mickey D's, doesn't matter. I will drink it regardless.
6. Antoni Gaudi - my favorite artist and designer, who was born and worked in Barcelona all his life. If you' ve seen my bedroom, you know I love bright colors and this is just one more excuse! Lisa Woodard did a painting for my room patterned after his work. Gaudi will get a whole post all his own coming soon, when I get back to Texas.
7. Origins products - thanks to my roommate Amy B for introducing me. Great colors + great skin care products. I am a huge fan!
8. Community. Okay, this is such a "Village-y" response, but I have loved being a part of a tight-knit Christian community the past two years I've been involved at the Village. There have been so many tough situations I couldn't have made it through alone.
9. Post-it notes: my desk at work is FILLED with them, Hot pink is my color of choice.
10. This was a tie between cuddling and fajitas. I'll just go with fajitas to make explanation easier! :) Matt's Rancho Martinez has the best patio for lunchtime, Manny's has the best kid-sized portion of fajitas (which also makes them the cheapest) Pappasito's has the best for a large group, and Margarita Ranch has the best beef fajitas, which makes them the winner in the best all-around category. They are the jam.

Sorry for the lack of pictures to go along with the explanations, I am not at a place where that is very easy right now!! Besos y Sonrias, Steph.


Emily said...

oh i love it!!!! i, too, have an affection for sticky notes. i have pink and purple all over my computer monitor right now, haha.

The McDons said...

Hey Stephanie! We are part of blog land now! How are you doing?

The McDons said...

Hey Stephanie! We are part of blog land now. How are you?

Magen said...

I'm totally with you on #'s 4, 7 and 10...except the tie would have gone to cuddling for me. Fajitas are good. Cuddling is 'the jam.' Haha.