Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm It

I just realized Ashley tagged me on her blog. Sorry I'm just now noticing! So, to continue the trend...

8 Shows I'm Watching this Spring (This is hard)

2. Dexter
3. The Office
4. How I Met Your Mother (hilarious!)
5. Biggest Loser (once)
6. John and Kate Plus 8 (When Amy's watching it)
7. Friends
8. The Bachelor (when friends are watching together)
(I have a short attention span so it's hard for me to commit to 8 shows!)

8 Things That Happened to me Today

1. Lunch @ Cafe Express with Amy Lowery
2. Drove my boss downtown
3. Had a phone convo with mom
4. Made plans to hang out with Lisa, and Jasa
5. Contemplated the meaning of "God loves a cheerful giver" and how that can apply in my life
6. Facebook stalked people :)
7. Going to Ft. Worth for a Midkiff Birthday Dinner
8. The wedding florist called

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1. May 2, 2009
2. Hanging out with Doug and his family tonight
3. Going to Playa Del Carmen on May 4, 2009
4. Decorating a new home
5. Coffee with Woodard
6. Starting to work in the 2-3 year old class at The Village on Saturdays
7. Going to Midland this weekend for a joint baby shower (lauren and weslee's!) and an engagment party (ours!)
8. My Bachelorette Party - why not?!?!?!?

8 Things I Wish For:

1. Doug gets into Cal Berkley and we get to move there as planned in Fall 2010
2. I got more sleep at night
3. ... a thousand more wishes ...

just kidding! but that's all I can think of right now!

Rachel and Kayla

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hope Matters

My friend Cheryl was recently on The Today Show talking about her new book, "I Do Again." She was married, divorced, and remarried to her husband again after she found the Lord. They have the sweetest two daughters who I'm privileged to know as well! Watch the clip from the Today show and you can read an excerpt of their book:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holiday Weekend

I am still celebrating MLK Day today by watching the inauguration! Yea!

Saturday of the holiday weekend started out by me waking up early to a buzzing alarm ... my car battery died Wednesday of last week and Doug and I were actually making it with one car between us. Anyway, it was time to get the battery replaced and I was determined we wouldn't take it to the mechanic but just do it ourselves. So ... a trip to Home Depot, Discount Auto, and 3 hours later ... we learned together, and we did it! Ha! Now we know.

Then ... I had a meeting at Starbucks up by the church because I'm going to start working in the preschool department at the church. You might be as shocked as I still sort of am, but I'm SUPER excited!


As I was leaving the meeting, my car felt kind of funny. I kept backing out and drove away, when a lady rolled down her window and said I had a flat tire. We're talking, GONE. Somehow between Dallas and Flower Mound and an hour at Starbucks my tire just went kaput. Anyway, I aired it up and took it to Discount Tire where I got it fixed. Two car emergencies in the span of a few hours. Awesome.

Other than that, Doug and I worked on a secret video project that I may or may not unveil on my blog at a later date. We are still interviewing, filming, and he's editing. Nerdy? A little. Awesome? Always!

And lastly, from today, January 20 until the 26th, you can go to Macy's or Dillard's and get free makeup or cosmetics. There was a big class action lawsuit against cosmetic companies that said they were price fixing. They're required to give away $175 million in free product. See for yourself!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things I love...

(I stole this idea from a co-worker!)

The feeling after a workout
Weekend Brunch
Working hard and doing well at something
Crossing items off a list
Calendars and Planners
Phone convos with friends
The body of Christ singing loudly in worship
Spain, the country
Planning my wedding
Chocolate Cake
Pictures frames
Bright colors
Hardwood floors
Lunch with friends
Shopping sales
..hmm what else?

What do you love?? Leave me a comment!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Story

Doug and I wrote the story of how we started dating from both our individual standpoints. This was for our wedding website (the address is still a secret, it's not fully up and running yet.) But Doug's words were sweet and I wanted to share them both with you!

Stephanie’s Story:

Doug and I met on a weekend road trip hosted by our church, The Village. I remember thinking he was cool, cute and funny. I ended up riding in the same van as Doug on Saturday afternoon. Our entire van had a blast together - but I had no thoughts of Doug beyond that. At the time I wasn’t “on the market” or looking to date anyone new.

Then the Lord intervened big time! My relationship status had changed. Doug and I ran into each other at a party some of our friends hosted where we ended up dancing and hanging out all night. Then, we decided to coordinate our home groups to get together and play Rock Band. For me, it was really just an excuse for us to hang out again! I thought Doug was a cool guy, and was interested in getting to know him better. Soon after, we ran into each other at church one Saturday evening. He convinced me to come to a concert later that night. I was soon leaving for a vacation in Europe, and at the concert he asked me to have dinner with him before I left town.

So we had our first date. I have never been so “WOWED” by someone! I remember thinking, “This Doug Midkiff guy makes me laugh harder than anyone else, seems to care about me in a way no one else has before, is smart, and pursues Christ wholeheartedly.” But I still wasn’t convinced I was ready for another relationship, so the two of us just kept hanging out.

About a month later, I told Doug I was ready for a relationship – and since then it’s been a whirlwind. All the traits I thought were true about Doug became so evident. We fell in love so quickly, and I love how our relationship is so fun and easy. It’s so encouraging to know when Christ initiates something in our lives, He brings it about wholly, fully, and leaves no room for doubt.

Since the day we made it “official,” we have prayed that Christ be the center of our relationship. We want others to see Christ in us and be encouraged in their own lives and relationships. I am excited to stand before friends and family as we commit our marriage to the Lord on May 2.

Doug’s story:
Steph and I first met (very briefly) at CafĂ© Brazil when our home groups ate there together on April 8, 2008. Steph didn’t really remember me, but I remembered her (how do you forget such a cute red-head?) When I ran into her on the “Road Rules” trip that following weekend, I re-introduced myself and we began to hit it off. After we met up we landed in the same van with 5 other awesome people and proceeded to have a great time zooming around Austin on a scavenger hunt.
After Road Rules we didn’t keep in touch, but a couple months later we ran into each other at a “prom” theme party some of our friends were having. Quick side note: Steph had recently become single and I knew that. As soon as Steph walked into the party she saw me and said, “Hey! Come grab a drink with me.” My thoughts as we walked toward the kitchen: “Oh, it’s on.”
And it was.
Steph and I spent most of the night together dancing, flirting, chatting and generally having good time. We even started planning a Rock Band/hang out night for our home groups which really was an elaborate scheme for us to hang out in another casual setting.
Crazy things about Prom night:
1) I had no clue Steph was coming to the party that night.
2) While I knew Steph was single, I wasn’t planning on pursuing her.
3) It took me 5 seconds to decide that I did want to pursue Steph once the opportunity presented itself.

The Saturday after our Rock Band party I ran into her at church and convinced her to come to a concert that a lot of people from our church were going to that night. I knew that she was leaving for a two week Europe vacation that following week, so I decided I needed to ask her out on a proper date that night. It was now or never. Thankfully, she said “yes” to a random Monday night date, and it was the start of something special.

Many dates followed and I began to see more and more just how incredible Stephanie is. I got to see her humor, intelligence, and love for the Lord. She even agreed to jump up on a roof with me and help shingle a house for a Habitat for Humanity project. A girl willing to serve by getting sweaty and swinging a hammer is nothing if not attractive. On July 28th we decided to make things “official.” Things really picked up from there and by November 30th I was putting an engagement ring on her finger.

Our prayer from the day we made things official was and always will be that Christ is at the center of our relationship. We have prayed that our relationship wouldn’t terminate on itself, but that others would see our love is only possible through God’s love for us. We couldn’t be happier to take the next step into the covenant of marriage and share this with our friends and family.