Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hi everyone {or -- the two of you who have read my blog} :)

I just wanted to say this blog is basically shut down and I don't update it anymore but I have started a NEW and IMPROVED blog and I'd love for you to hop on over and follow me there! It's at www.texas2nashville.blogspot.com

{Happy Summer y'all}

Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog Friends

Ok, so I've started reading a fabulous blog www.smartandsassywithsprinkles.blogspot.comWith a name like that, what's not to love?!?! I "met" her because my friend Rachel {www.rrdontblink.blogspot.com} photographed her lovely wedding. Also, I am "ghostwriting" a blog for a Dallas wedding planner {www.sharijohns.blogspot.com} and Shari and the fine folks at As you wish... coordinated her wedding!! All that to say, she's great and go check out the afore-mentioned blogs!! Smartandsassy is having a contest right now, so go on, check it out!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Organic 2.0

Okay, I'm sure you're curious to know how the new Midkiff Health Initiative has been going. Or ... maybe you're not, but if you're reading this, that's what's coming!!!!

We are on week 4 of eating/cooking organic produce (fruits and veggies.) Every other week we go to the co-op and pick up our food. Last week included - 2 heads romaine lettuce, 1 head cabbage, 1 head kale, fresh green beans, sunburst squash, cucumbers, peaches, nectarines, cantaloupe, oranges, grapes, cherries, carrots, mangoes, tomatoes, purple onions ...hmm what else? That just about does it. It costs $50 every other week, and it's totally worth the investment. Besides just being totally pesticide free and local, farm grown, we are cooking a lot more and making healthier lunches and dinners. I made eggrolls and asian noodle salad last weekend and Doug said it was his favorite meal I've cooked yet. Win all around.

Besides that, I have given up adding splenda to anything, including coffee. I have gotten used to the taste now without it, and I like the less-sweet coffee taste.

I'm also limiting myself to one cup of coffee a day, and I've completely taken out diet coke.

The no-sugar thing proved to be almost impossible, since there's sugar in EVERYTHING, I have come to discover. BUT - I choose snacks more consciously now. Except at work we have these animal crackers that are so addicting, and every time I eat them I can just feel my glucose spiking...yikes. Sometimes knowledge isn't power, it just creates guilt. Anyway..

Since I don't like fish, I am adding flax seed to my breakfast each morning, it's nutty like granola and tastes great in yogurt. It's chock full of omega 3's - and it's what they feed fish to make them full of omega 3's, so in actuality you're going straight to the real source.

So...that's our update. I encourage you to take a look at what you're putting into your bodies as well, and arm yourself with knowledge! It is power!!!

Also, for a life update, Doug is starting grad school applications now. The three he's submitting are, Cal Berkeley, Duke, and UT Austin. I started reading a book about the San Francisco/Bay Area yesterday. I couldn't be more excited about adventures to come!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well! This weekend is Robin's wedding weekend! Yea!

And - this is my debut as a wedding coordinator - I could not be more excited or anticipating what is going to happen this weekend. Tonight is the rehearsal, and I think I know this wedding backwards and forwards. Pray with me for the Lord's blessings on the ceremony, the reception, and of course for Robin and Ben as they start their new life together!!

Congrats Robin and Ben!

And, I was not sure when to do this .... but I guess I'll officially "unveil" my wedding blog ... www.kellyandlime.blogspot.com

That's what I'm calling the business, Kelly and Lime. Why, you might ask? Check out the blog!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Hungry For Change?

Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - Hungry For Change? - Trailer and Photos

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{Click on the link for a movie trailer}

Okay...where to begin? First, every American - or at least those who even remotely care about health - should watch this film. It unveils the processes in which animals (chicken, cows, pigs) are raised by the meat companies (btw: although it appears there are many sources of where our meat comes from - there are 4 companies in America - about 80% of our meat comes from one of these companies) but anyway it tracks the raising of these animals to working conditions and how their workers are treated (as inhumanely as the animals - no longer seen as animals but merely a product) to how they inject hormones into the animals and how sick they become to how that becomes our food - all nicely rinsed with a bath of ammonia before coming to our grocery stores and often contaminated. It's disguting. It's also gross how the company Monsanto who owns about 85-90% of the soy market puts local farmers out of business ... it is just insane how the concern is ONLY money - not local farmers, not consumers health, and Washington (FDA, USDA) is turning a blind eye. Most of the people who work for these gov't organizations have ties back to the meat companies - so of course they are protecting their friends and constituents. We are paying the price - e. coli contamination and food chock full with high fructose corn syrup and other things that contribute to diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

That gets me going.

What can we do?

Are we powerless as consumers? Actually, no! Every time you purchase something at the store it's like you're sending a vote to the producer. Buy organic! The more common it becomes, the more affordable it will be!

Join a local produce co-op! Doug and I have joined one that delivers a giant amount of local, organic fruits and veggies every other Saturday. It's good on so many levels - helping out local economy, eating healthy pesticide-free food, and trying new recipes!

On that note, last night Doug worked till 9 and I cooked ranch-style chicken, grilled freseh veggies and made snickerdoodles all while doing 3 loads of laundr - it was fun but it wore me out - I don't know how people do that every day and have kids running around at the same time - God bless our mothers.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

An agent of social change?

Wasn't it Ghandi who said, "Be the change you want to see in the world?"

Who really believes that??

....maybe I'm starting to.....

Starting today, and I'm arming myself with the best power - Knowledge!

There's a documentary called Food, Inc that shows the government's involvement in the meat packing and food industry ... and I'm assuming basically the evils present in the powers that be in gov't boiling down to profit-driven consumer products with little-to-no care for the consumer's health. Just a speculation, haven't seen it yet. Today only, Chipotle Restaurants are sponsoring a free showing of this film (Point, Chipotle.) (But Chipotle used to be owned by McDonald's Corp. So - Point, Stephanie)

Anyway, Doug and I rounded up a few friends to go with us. I figure a little education never hurt anyone.


I found this book I want to start reading called Globesity. It's written by a couple who invented BodyPump and all the other fitness classes offered by Gold's Gym and others across America. Back in the 80s the man started jazzercise ... anyway ... this book is about how being fit and healthy actually contributes to a healthier earth and ecology ... kind of a social urbanism/health book .... I will probably check it out, or just make Doug read it and tell me about it! Haha!!


I also learned today that the same company that invented RoundUp, DDT and Agent Orange (think Vietnam - they're shady, people) invented aspartame. Anywho, think about what that means .... think about those little pink packets of NutraSweet .... think again people!!!

(I happen to be a Splenda user but I am not off the hook! It's no better - I am giving it up!)

The company I'm referring to starts with an M ... shoot I forget ... I'll post it later.

And last, a little update on Day 2 of no sugar (this is going to be a long 40 days!) Surprise, surprise that sugar is an ingredient in practically everything ...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Midkiff 2.0

Okay, here's the deal, my friends. In the last 3 days, I've had conversations with about 4 different people about organic foods, whole foods, and basically going au natural, health-wise. It is expensive and hard to do, but so worth it, I think.

This really resonanted with me that in the next few years I really want to take into account what I put into my body as we start to think about little Midkiffs running around. What I eat will affect them when I'm preggers....this is not for like 3-4 years people!!!!

Also, this is not to lose weight or diet. This is just realizing the crap we put into our bodies is yucky. (Chemically, processed food, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and partially hydrogenated stuff, preservatives, hormonally injected meat and the like.)

Not to mention high cholesterol runs in my family and I already test high on that scale. It's never too early to start thinking.

All that to say...I am giving up sugar for 40 days and quitting diet coke altogether. Also, to combat the cholesterol thing, I'm starting to do oatmeal and/or granola mixed with flaxseed, which I've heard contains Omega-3's to help reduce cholesterol.

I am running the White Rock half in December and truly believe giving up soda increases stamina and speed. Or so I've heard. AND - I'm encouraging my co-worker to give up Dr. Pepper (about 2 a day) and I decided I better ante up and do the same thing. Diet or regular doesn't matter, they're both bad for you.

I'm going to start doing more reading and research...stay tuned. No, I'm not going to start growing my own herbs and veggies (well, actually maybe I will.) This will not turn into a healt nut craze but I do think it's saying goodbye to chemicals and fake sweeteners produced in a lab and saying hello to whole, healthy, yummy foods.

The end.