Friday, August 29, 2008

Put those white pants away - even if they say the rules have changed

...3:08 p.m. Friday before Labor Day...

August has flooooown by. I'll make no mistake about it: it's brought wonderful change!** Now that summer's over, I'm looking forward to Labor Day weekend and the promise of autumn lazily rolling around the corner.

Doug and I are going to Austin for the weekend and staying with Sarah and Lauren (Crim and Itz). He's pumped to show me around his alma mater's hometown, and I'm excited to let him! We're catching college game day (UT and Tech play simultaneously) and running in the Nike Human Race. After that, Ben Harper has a concert in front of the Capitol. Squeezed in between is "taking it easy" and spending time with college friends!

He writes the most entertaining e-mails and this is part of what today's said: They definitely put a smile on my face! It's basically an itinerary of our weekend.

Things that are exciting (get ready, this is a big list):

Our first road trip
Personality tests (my idea - I love these!)
3 hours of my ipod - or yours, maybe, if you're really nice to me ; )
Czech Stop
College football - Hook'em and Guns up (or do I say Wreck'em to make it more parallel to mine?)
South Congress Cafe (You'll understand after this weekend)
A yet to be named indie coffee shop in Austin
We've now been dating for over a month
Ranger game in 1 week

So anyway, that's the scoop on Labor Day. 3:22 p.m. now and still counting the clock...

**Other awesome things:
Stephanie Clark (bffffff) moved back from Phoenix, just down the street from me
Got asked to serve on the Board of Directors for an up-and-coming non-profit, Champions of Hope (more to come on this later.)
Home Groups/Village Activities have started back up again
Graduated from 5Ks to 10Ks - and hopefully still moving up
Been studying the book of Daniel - good stuff.
God is so good. This fact trumps everything else.

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Kayla said...

you have GOT to hold onto this bf of yours...the list of Austin stuff to do is ASTONISHING and JAW-DROPPING...ask him if he has an older/slightly younger brother who would like to move to china, k? i'll be waiting for him to arrive on a white horse (or whale if he comes by sea)...i miss you like crazy...