Saturday, December 27, 2008

Planning a Wedding...

...has been easier than I thought! Doug and I got engaged 4 weeks ago, and basically the whole event (ceremony, reception, other details) has been planned. We have been SO lucky to have everything fall into place so quickly.

The most fun part, however, isn't planning the wedding DAY, but planning and dreaming about our LIFE! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd love someone this much, someone who knows me inside and out and loves me even more because of it. Someone who I love and want to care for with every ounce of my being as we pursue Christ together.

**Sidenote** If anyone needs recommendations on vendors, I've got great ones. We are blessed to be working with some very talented, Godly people for our wedding day. I like trusting others to do what they're best at!

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Kayla said...

you are a ray of sunshine, dear! so exciting to hear the wedding planning is coming easily and stress-free! WHEW!! Let me know some details! and honeymoon ideas??

Love from Thailand :)