Monday, November 26, 2007

Schrute Bucks

Today I was working on a 40 page report to submit to accounting. A delivery guy came and dropped off a package. Literally, DROPPED IT OFF, knocked over my cup of water and got me soaked, including the receipts and report I had to turn in to accounting. So for that, I give him a Schrute Buck. According to Dwight, it's worth 1/1,000 of a cent, and 5 gazillion schrute bucks = 5 extra minutes at lunch. Well done my friend, well done. (Really though, he's a nice guy. It was just annoying.)


rob. said...

1. i'm glad you decided to "go public"
2. i'm incredibly impressed. you are definitely way ahead of me in this blogging world.
3. i love that you gave that guy a schrute buck! makes me very happy. :)
4. i loved "be thou my vision" last night, as well. SO GOOD.
5. our dinner last night was much needed and so fun. we need to do more of that.

love you!! have a good week!

eLiSe said...

you are my hero. and i agree with robin about us doing the dinner thing more :)