Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Great Physician

Just an update:

There is no more signs of cancer in April's body! After her next surgery on May 1, they anticipate No more cancer! I found out yesterday, then went on about my business. About an hour later, I stopped ... and just realized what that truly means! GOD HEALED HER! Some might say she never had more cancer in her body to begin with, but that's not even the point. In fact, if someone says that to me I might just punch them. God heard the prayers of many, and answered us.

He truly is the Great Physician.

Other proof to me that above statement is true :
1. A co-worker who has battled with cancer in the past had to go back for more tests to make sure she's still okay. She was worried there for awhile ... and she doesn't have cancer!

2. Yesterday God called home Del Steel, one of the elders at my church, (basically one of the only old guys at the Village.) He was a man who was loved and respected by all, who TRULY exemplified what it means to lay down your life for others. He too battled with cancer, and now he is in a place he would MUCH rather be ... no more hurt or suffering. A place where the face of the Father welcomes him home, into an eternal relationship with him. There are days when I long for this! I truly believe even in this scenario that God was Del's caretaker ... and bringing him home was in God's plan the whole time.

I went to sleep hearing the most amazing thunderstorm, and I can't help but wake up praising the Lord for His awesome power, evidenced in SO many ways.

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dont blink. said...

YAY!?!?!? I AM SO EXCITED!!! thats absoluely amazinG!