Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holiday Weekend

I am still celebrating MLK Day today by watching the inauguration! Yea!

Saturday of the holiday weekend started out by me waking up early to a buzzing alarm ... my car battery died Wednesday of last week and Doug and I were actually making it with one car between us. Anyway, it was time to get the battery replaced and I was determined we wouldn't take it to the mechanic but just do it ourselves. So ... a trip to Home Depot, Discount Auto, and 3 hours later ... we learned together, and we did it! Ha! Now we know.

Then ... I had a meeting at Starbucks up by the church because I'm going to start working in the preschool department at the church. You might be as shocked as I still sort of am, but I'm SUPER excited!


As I was leaving the meeting, my car felt kind of funny. I kept backing out and drove away, when a lady rolled down her window and said I had a flat tire. We're talking, GONE. Somehow between Dallas and Flower Mound and an hour at Starbucks my tire just went kaput. Anyway, I aired it up and took it to Discount Tire where I got it fixed. Two car emergencies in the span of a few hours. Awesome.

Other than that, Doug and I worked on a secret video project that I may or may not unveil on my blog at a later date. We are still interviewing, filming, and he's editing. Nerdy? A little. Awesome? Always!

And lastly, from today, January 20 until the 26th, you can go to Macy's or Dillard's and get free makeup or cosmetics. There was a big class action lawsuit against cosmetic companies that said they were price fixing. They're required to give away $175 million in free product. See for yourself!


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