Friday, February 27, 2009

What's going on

*Currently listening to elevator music while on hold with Southwest Airlines*

This has been a fun week! Sunday Doug and I spent about 5 hours with our photographer and let her play with her new camera and try out some cool effects. We had a can visit to check out her work.

Today we picked out our wedding bands at the Dallas World Trade Center.

*Finally got everything straightened out with Southwest, whew*

I just love our rings, and can't wait to be officially Mr. and Mrs.

Doug has said a few times before that since I have an engagement ring he wishes he had something to wear to show he's mine!! It was cool to get to see him with a ring on his finger, even if it was briefly.

While we were trying on rings Doug's mom called, who happened to be in Dallas. She was shopping and showing her friend the House of Blues where our rehearsal dinner is at -- her friend is a florist so they were talking logistics, etc. Then, I dropped off our deposit and signed the papers for our condo!!! 3815 Holland!!

Everything is starting to seem so much more real and I LOVE IT.

Here's a pic from our photo shoot (hundreds more to come) and a few of our condo. If you notice, there's a patio off our living room, and another patio off the guest room on the third floor. An outdoor spiral staircase connects the two. And we have 2 fireplaces and hardwood floors downstairs. It's a pretty sweet place to call home. :)

Tomorrow I'm going to Canton to check out some furniture.

Oh, and p.s. there's also a pic of Doug and his new razor scooter!

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Ashie Nichole said...

Yeahhhhh!! I am so excited to see everything on here! And I like the random razor scooter picture! ha :) Love you and miss you! Let's have hang out time soon! LOVE YOUUUU!