Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sharp Dressed Man

I was contemplating a change on my blog for awhile, and decided today was the day.

BTW: The new pic was taken by Shan Renee Ingram on a chilly February afternoon at sunset. We had a great time with her and Daniel her husband while they tried out some cool photog tricks. One thing (and I had never heard of this!) we stayed very still while her husband held the camera, and Shan held a remote flash and walked around us in a circle taking the same photo from various points around us. She's then going to put them all together - she called it "painting with light." We also spent a good bit of time at the Dallas World Aquarium, I'm excited to see what they look like with sharks and fish, etc., all around us.

Lately, Doug's been taking the Dart rail up to Richardson where his current client is, then he rides his Razor Scooter the half mile from the train station to his office building. Of course, yesterday it rained, and Doug ended up getting soaked.

He had already worn a hole in his work shoes from riding the scooter each day, and then of course they were ruined in the rain. Not to mention yesterday at work he accidentally ripped a hole in his khakis, which also later got soaked. Lastly, tomorrow night we're having dinner with Doug's granddad in Houston at a restaurant that requires a coat. ....all that shaped up into the makings of a shopping trip.

I met Doug at the Gap in West Village and he was just SOAKED. It was the salesman's first day on the job and we may have done him in. But we walked away with 2 pairs of trousers, a yellow v-neck sweater and a buttondown with yellow and blue stripes. Then, we walked to Banana Republic in the rain (by now I think we just gave up on even trying to care) and Doug got an awesome new blazer. Then I bought him a gray and white buttondown, and an orange and gray v-neck sweater to go with the pants he got from Gap. I left at that point and went to Home Group, while Doug went by himself to Nordstrom and bought out some Ecco loafers that I found online earlier that day. So proud. All that to say, if you see someone walking down the street in Dallas looking supa fly - it's Doug.

And on that note: watch this ZZ Top music video. They just don't make music videos like this anymore. And the 80's hair.... it's hilarious.

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