Thursday, December 13, 2007

Top Ten Lists for 2007

Best Stuff:
1. Training for a triathlon
2. Going to Atlanta
3. Getting a NEW JOB!
4. The Village Church
5. Meeting incredible new people that love me and stir my heart for Jesus
6. My homegroup girls - Tess' group and the DBU chicas
7. Learning to cook (ok it's slow going, but it's progress)
8. Living in Deep Ellum, Dallas TX
9. Going home over my lunch break for a nap
10. Saw some great concerts in 2007
11. REDEMPTION and RESTORATION in the Lord =)
12. Christmas Bonus - 30 people get fired, but we get a bonus, who knew?
13. Random situations resulting from being in the right place at the right time, and it could only have been orchestrated by the Lord. It's cool to know this year He's been so deeply in control and involved in my life.

1. Bike Wreck - extremely painful
2. Quitting the WORST job ever
3. Starting over, TWICE, this year
4. Catching Mono
5. Learning some lessons the hard way
6. Stephanie Clark moving to Phoenix

Soundtrack to Stephanie's life, the 2007 album:
1. Jon McLaughlin
2. Phil Wickham
3. Paolo Nutini
4. Hendrick
5. Corrine Bailey Ray
6. Andy Davis
7. Me in the shower
8. Snow Patrol (I realize they're all over Kiss FM but I love them)
9. Something Corporate/Jack's Manneqeuin
10. King George

Favorite Scripture of 2007:
1. Psalm 34
2. Philippians 2
3. Galatians 5
4. Book of Ruth
5. Book of Isaiah

More lists will come as I think of them, back to "work" for now...

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