Saturday, December 22, 2007

Divine Romance

I went to a wedding tonight back home in Midland. Simple, beautiful, and sweet. The couple has been together over five years now. I couldn't help but think of what's represented when her dad gives her away in a white dress. Purity, redemption, unending love, committment, the like.

(Stick with me, this has a point, and it's not about romance at all. Well, not in the way you're thinking.)

I thought of how God, through Jesus Christ, sees us as pure - radiantly beautiful - and we can stand before the throne (wedding altar if you will) with no guilt or shame. The love and unending passion on these two kids' faces was evident, and I thought HOW much MORE does Christ love us!

It was an a-ha moment, one where I realize, so that's what it means when it says he presents us as his bride. Drawn to him by the Holy Spirit, presented purely white through Christ's act of salvation on the cross - able to stand blameless and 100% fully loved in front of a merciful God who desires to spend eternity with us. Revealing his glory to us more and more as time passes.

It was all I could do not to start bawling. I never cry at movies or songs, but real life - that gets me every time.

Wash me in the water of your word
I lay me on the altar of your will
Present me blameless, without blemish, Holy Bride
Lord, purify your bride.
-Shane and Shane

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