Monday, May 5, 2008


  1. "In a jar fireflies only last for one night" -Rhett Miller

    Yesterday I had the privilege of spending a beautiful, lazy day in Waco. Chris and I went on a walk in a neighborhood that, back in the 40's, was full of wealth with large, sprawling homes. Now they are a bit more run down, weeds growing like crazy and wooden porches and staircases leaning crooked. But, it is obvious that at one time these were nice homes. Rosebushes are still blooming in artist's brush strokes of yellow and pink.

Then we saw fireflies! Reminiscent of hot summer days in Oklahoma when I was little. Going out to my grandpa's vegetable garden, that kind of thing. So anyway, back to the fireflies.

They just amaze me.

Created by the Father, for a specific purpose. To glow. They are ugly to look at normally, but when they are lit up they're fulfilling the Father's purpose for them. To shine!

All creation groans for the return of Christ (Romans 8:22) and until then, we will toil to fulfill our God-given purpose here on earth, and be sanctified daily into the image of Him. What a cool reminder, all from some crazy bugs.

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rob. said...

aww.. i love that you talked about this! i was home last night and saw fireflies and got all nostalgic, as well. :)