Friday, May 9, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Last night I got the urge to do a major overhaul on my closet and bathroom organization. Basically, there was no organization to speak of. You wouldn't necessarily know it, but I am secretly a slob. It was starting to drive me crazy! Really, I saw my friend Jacy's super organized apartment and I wanted mine to be just like hers. Ha!

So I went to Target (who doesn't love Target!) and laid a chunk of money down for some great organizers and stuff. You know, the little plastic things with the drawers and whatnot. Anyway, from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am I worked (I took a break to watch The Office) and got all my crap organized. And I threw out a bunch of stuff as well.

Then my awesome roommate came in and commented on the amount of clothes in my closet. Sooo...she went through everything with me and was really candid "Those stripes look like Abercrombie and Fitch," and "Just because you work at BGCT doesn't mean you have to dress like it." I got the message, and before long I would just throw stuff into the pile without even making a case for why I should keep it. It was hilarious! I never throw anything away, and have kept some of the same stuff since high school. So, this was long overdue. THANKS AMY I NEEDED YOUR HELP!!

This is all part of the "Clean Slate in 08" campaign.


De Riley said...

i appreciate your heart. thanks for the encouragement. how are you? how is your heart? i can most definately relate to the wanting organization. i am there. and living with 4 other people makes it incredibly hard sometimes. i hope you are well friend. press into jesus today.

alison said...

thanks for your encouragement. i appreciate your heart. how is your heart by the way? i can definately relate to the wanting organization. but living with 4 other people makes it incredibly hard. i hope you are well. press into jesus today.

April Marie said...

I'm glad that you got organized and I can just imagine Amy shootin' you striaght and it makes me laugh!! PS - Am I still on the clean slate in O8 campaign??