Sunday, June 15, 2008

How to spot a tourist

I was looking up funny top 10 lists of how to spot a tourist in Europe. Here were a few highlights:

1. People making obscene gestures around national monuments/statues
2. Baseball caps/new balance tennis shoes or nikes
3. Drinking orange fanta and eating ice cream (i did those 2 things EVERY DAY in Spain, there's something about drinking fanta naranja overseas that is just so yummy ... it's different over here and not as good)
4. Wearing college logo t-shirts (I did this too!!)
5. carrying a map and looking lost - (Admittedly, I am often in a general state of not fully knowing where I'm at, direction-wise, while I'm overseas.)
6. fanny packs and hawaiian shirts
7. talking about the war/George W. or politics in general (not a problem there.)
8.wearing gucci sunglasses and carrying louis vuitton purses (also not a problem)
9. Wearing tevas -- EWW.

... perhaps I shall make my own list when I return.

-I started cleaning and doing laundry today, so I can begin packing later this week. WE LEAVE SATURDAY! And on that note, pray for April H., she just found out she has mono, which is exactly NOT the kind of news you want to hear right before you leave for a European vacation. So...please lift her up. It's been a rough year physically with several procedures and missing and making up all that work at her job ...


It was a great weekend with a wedding and other fun stuff, I'll post pics soon.


This Thursday if anyone is out and about, come visit me!! I am going to be packing all night and chillin at home, so come visit and say hi/bye!! I hate flying on planes over the ocean and would love to hug each and every one of you before I go. Much love.

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