Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This summer, my rommate and I (without verbalizing it), basically decided to put ourselves through bootcamp. Even as I type these words my leg muscles pound with the dull ache of being over-exerted and over-worked. And I love it! Monday and Wednesday mornings at 6 am we have a "date" with Wes, our teacher who pushes us physically to the limits each week. We are seeing and feeling the results. The other days I run or do step class (or sleep in!) But it's so much easier when the alarm goes off to get up knowing she'll be there too - great accountability.

The obvious metaphor of course is my walk with Christ - there are times when I am full of boundless energy and ready and willing to run the race, and He pushes me to the limits and calls me to a deeper, more meaningful walk with him. There are times when we have to rely on each other, the body of Christ to encourage and speak life and truth to one another.

Last night I went with some friends to visit another friend who has recently experienced great tragedy in her life - shocking and horrendous, the kind of thing that would make some people ask, "Where is God in all of this?" Through all the hurt and confusion I saw the body of Christ at work - at her house there were at least 50 friends and family over: cooking food, swimming in the pool, loving on one another and simply providing a listening ear when necessary. God was right there in their home - in the middle of it all His spirit was there comforting and working on hearts to draw them closer to himself.

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