Thursday, June 5, 2008


1. Went to the Ranger's last night for Tech Alumni Night, a little disappointed they didn't play the fight song or really do anything cool at fact, they lost 15-9. Super lame. But the seats were pretty sweet, and of course we had fun!

2. Listening to sermons at work.

3. Googling anything and everything I can think of to pass the time.

4. Stomach is growling - meeting mom and bro at my apt for lunch.

5. My hair is growing out - my hair girl Christina would kill me if she knew I wasn't maintaining her work.

6. She would also kill me if she knew I use cheap shampoo.

7. I leave really soon (June 21) for Euro-trip 08. Did I mention I'm scared of flying over the ocean? I mean, COME ON I've watch Lost waay too much ...

8. I am ready for college football season!

9. I am ready to go see the new Batman movie.

10. That is all.

1 comment:

Christin said...

hey you. so after i commented on your fb page today, i saw that you had a blog so i linked up to you. slowly but surely, im finding out more and more people have these things, which give me one more nice way of spending work free time.

i enjoyed your list... i do lists too. :)