Monday, October 13, 2008

Fair, Football and FUN!

I haven't kept up with blogging lately. Just so yall know I'm still here, this is my obligatory blog o' lists, with a few pics to spice it up.
1. Still training for the Ragnar Relay. One weekend away.
2. Excited about carving pumpkins and eating pies.
3. Been to the state fair. Been to Dallas fright fest. Watched football. Go Big 12.
4. Hmm ... what else. I got nothin. Guess it's picture time.


Anonymous said...

nice pics...
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Kayla said...

Steph-I check your blog DAILY to see if I can find tidbits of fun from back home...I was SO glad to see your smiling face :) and this beau of yours, is this serious? love you girl!!

eLiSe said...

yay for a new post! love the pictures :) miss you!

rob. said...

the pic of doug kissing you on the cheek with the amazing trees... umm.. super cute!

i seriously miss you. and i know we keep saying this, but we need to change something. i'm going to facebook you. :)