Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've got "The Crud"

People at work use this term all the time, "Oh, I've just got the crud." Or, "he doesnt' feel well, he's got the crud, bless his heart." Others nod knowingly, sympathizing with their unfortunate condition.

Hold on.

What does that even mean?

According to, crud (krd)noun

1. Slang
a. A coating or an incrustation of filth or refuse.
b. Something loathsome, despicable, or worthless.
c. One who is contemptible or disgusting.
2. A disease or ailment, imaginary or real, especially one affecting the skin.
3. Sports Heavy, sticky snow that is unsuitable for skiing.

That is just disgusting.

But I think I've got it. I'm drinking Emergen-C mixed with grapefruit juice instead of water, (if that won't put hair on your knuckles, I don't know what will,) trying to get enough sleep, and taking decongestants. I am learning the beauty of calling the doctor's assistant instead of actually making an appointment and paying for a doctor's visit. So ... juice in hand ... bring on the crud.

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Kayla said...

whoa!!! two posts in a row!!! i feel so lucky to share sickness with you at this time! I have pneumonia-worth blogging about actually. Unfortunately the Chinese atmosphere is not conducive to one who wishes to overcome a lung infection...ok, love you dear! i miss your stories-especially the dating one ;) is there an engagement coming, ms. orr?