Monday, October 27, 2008

We Won!

Buttsweat & Beers (here on out will be referred to as BS&B) won 1st in our division and placed 6th overall at the Ragnar Relay. We clocked in at 25 hours and change after running 181 miles through Texas hill country. My half of the team (Van 1) consisted of myself and Doug (dubbed Double Deuces - you can figure out why), and Bucky and Lorrie, Mario and Ryoto. .....All weekend, Mario tried being nice to people, and each time it ended up biting him in the butt. Fourtunately, he got to meet his real life Sarah Connor (from The Terminator) - the bad-A runner chick who passed Mario on the road with a vengeance. He chatted her up the next day, and she ended up being the sweetest thing since southern tea.
...Ryoto played like a champion and run on a severely bloody and injured toe, and acted as if it was nothing. (Lorrie, can you e-mail me the pic of his toe? Totally blog-worthy)...Lorrie and Bucky were all around awesome. Lorrie gets the team mom award for always checking on the runners and giving people water. Together the two of them stole a parking spot from an 84 year old woman in downtown Fredricksburg :) All in all, we had a great time. Besides running 3x in 24 hours we got the privilege to sleep all together in a minivan full of ... well ... buttsweat and a general haze of nastiness.... The next day, Doug had severely tight calf muscles, causing him to crawl up his condo's stairs that night.

Besides all of the above, we showered with baby wipes, got t-shirts, medals at the end, and all the gatorade and Kashi bars you could stand.

Good times.

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Kayla said...

Atta' girl! Love this, Steph. Good stuff! Proud of you and your 1st place goodness-WAY.TO.GO! Buttsweat and all :) you!