Thursday, July 16, 2009

An agent of social change?

Wasn't it Ghandi who said, "Be the change you want to see in the world?"

Who really believes that??

....maybe I'm starting to.....

Starting today, and I'm arming myself with the best power - Knowledge!

There's a documentary called Food, Inc that shows the government's involvement in the meat packing and food industry ... and I'm assuming basically the evils present in the powers that be in gov't boiling down to profit-driven consumer products with little-to-no care for the consumer's health. Just a speculation, haven't seen it yet. Today only, Chipotle Restaurants are sponsoring a free showing of this film (Point, Chipotle.) (But Chipotle used to be owned by McDonald's Corp. So - Point, Stephanie)

Anyway, Doug and I rounded up a few friends to go with us. I figure a little education never hurt anyone.


I found this book I want to start reading called Globesity. It's written by a couple who invented BodyPump and all the other fitness classes offered by Gold's Gym and others across America. Back in the 80s the man started jazzercise ... anyway ... this book is about how being fit and healthy actually contributes to a healthier earth and ecology ... kind of a social urbanism/health book .... I will probably check it out, or just make Doug read it and tell me about it! Haha!!


I also learned today that the same company that invented RoundUp, DDT and Agent Orange (think Vietnam - they're shady, people) invented aspartame. Anywho, think about what that means .... think about those little pink packets of NutraSweet .... think again people!!!

(I happen to be a Splenda user but I am not off the hook! It's no better - I am giving it up!)

The company I'm referring to starts with an M ... shoot I forget ... I'll post it later.

And last, a little update on Day 2 of no sugar (this is going to be a long 40 days!) Surprise, surprise that sugar is an ingredient in practically everything ...

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