Monday, July 20, 2009

Hungry For Change?

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Okay...where to begin? First, every American - or at least those who even remotely care about health - should watch this film. It unveils the processes in which animals (chicken, cows, pigs) are raised by the meat companies (btw: although it appears there are many sources of where our meat comes from - there are 4 companies in America - about 80% of our meat comes from one of these companies) but anyway it tracks the raising of these animals to working conditions and how their workers are treated (as inhumanely as the animals - no longer seen as animals but merely a product) to how they inject hormones into the animals and how sick they become to how that becomes our food - all nicely rinsed with a bath of ammonia before coming to our grocery stores and often contaminated. It's disguting. It's also gross how the company Monsanto who owns about 85-90% of the soy market puts local farmers out of business ... it is just insane how the concern is ONLY money - not local farmers, not consumers health, and Washington (FDA, USDA) is turning a blind eye. Most of the people who work for these gov't organizations have ties back to the meat companies - so of course they are protecting their friends and constituents. We are paying the price - e. coli contamination and food chock full with high fructose corn syrup and other things that contribute to diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

That gets me going.

What can we do?

Are we powerless as consumers? Actually, no! Every time you purchase something at the store it's like you're sending a vote to the producer. Buy organic! The more common it becomes, the more affordable it will be!

Join a local produce co-op! Doug and I have joined one that delivers a giant amount of local, organic fruits and veggies every other Saturday. It's good on so many levels - helping out local economy, eating healthy pesticide-free food, and trying new recipes!

On that note, last night Doug worked till 9 and I cooked ranch-style chicken, grilled freseh veggies and made snickerdoodles all while doing 3 loads of laundr - it was fun but it wore me out - I don't know how people do that every day and have kids running around at the same time - God bless our mothers.

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