Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Midkiff 2.0

Okay, here's the deal, my friends. In the last 3 days, I've had conversations with about 4 different people about organic foods, whole foods, and basically going au natural, health-wise. It is expensive and hard to do, but so worth it, I think.

This really resonanted with me that in the next few years I really want to take into account what I put into my body as we start to think about little Midkiffs running around. What I eat will affect them when I'm preggers....this is not for like 3-4 years people!!!!

Also, this is not to lose weight or diet. This is just realizing the crap we put into our bodies is yucky. (Chemically, processed food, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and partially hydrogenated stuff, preservatives, hormonally injected meat and the like.)

Not to mention high cholesterol runs in my family and I already test high on that scale. It's never too early to start thinking.

All that to say...I am giving up sugar for 40 days and quitting diet coke altogether. Also, to combat the cholesterol thing, I'm starting to do oatmeal and/or granola mixed with flaxseed, which I've heard contains Omega-3's to help reduce cholesterol.

I am running the White Rock half in December and truly believe giving up soda increases stamina and speed. Or so I've heard. AND - I'm encouraging my co-worker to give up Dr. Pepper (about 2 a day) and I decided I better ante up and do the same thing. Diet or regular doesn't matter, they're both bad for you.

I'm going to start doing more reading and research...stay tuned. No, I'm not going to start growing my own herbs and veggies (well, actually maybe I will.) This will not turn into a healt nut craze but I do think it's saying goodbye to chemicals and fake sweeteners produced in a lab and saying hello to whole, healthy, yummy foods.

The end.

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Michael said...

It's amazing how many chemicals they pack in the foods we eat. The crazy thing is that its not only the food but also the packaging that affects us.
I actually know of several guys who have given up drinking bottled water and stick only to tap because chemicals found in plastic water bottles contain an environmental estrogen called BPA which has some pretty serious long term health impacts on men. They've also shown that after exposure to boiling water (like in a washing machine) the release of BPA is up to 55 times faster! Don't let Doug use too many plastic containers for food.