Friday, January 25, 2008

A few new things:

Self-disclosure really isn't my thing right now - a lot is going on in my heart and mind and I feel like I'm still sorting these things out. I want to fully understand what the Lord's showing me right now. Maybe it's something big, or maybe I am just so exhausted of thinking at all that my mind is getting a break for awhile. Either way, here's some new things going on with me right now, in list format:

1. I went with some friends to get a tattoo last weekend, then chickened out.
2. I am meeting the Texas Rangers' baseball team tonight
3. I am sore right now from Pilates class
4. In a few months, I wanna trade in Millie (my Honda CRV) to get a Hybrid Prius
5. I am really enjoying listening to A Fine Frenzy
6. Common Grounds in Waco has the BEST coffee I've had in awhile
7. It's been awhile since I've been two-stepping and even longer since I've been spun well on the dance floor.
8. ... my coworker just made popcorn and it's wafting this way ... smells delicious ... mmm

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