Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Grace, you either have it or you don't" -Seinfeld

Last year, everytime I saw my life going in one direction, it changed abruptly. Looking back, I know the Lord not only brought me through those hard times, but strengthened my faith, and showed me a few beautiful moments in between.

I have always wanted to live a life that's deeply felt, closely examined, and lived in the ultimate fullness of joy. But I have learned that situations, people, jobs, relationships, money, possessions are not what bring about joy, or rich abundant life. Joy comes from trusting the Lord with EVERYTHING I have.

This has helped me let go of a lot of things lately. I feel so much safer knowing I can't control my life in order to bring about happiness. Trusting in the Lord fully is helping me quit controlling circumstances in my life. Oh sure, I could probably do more to "tweak" certain things to turn out the way I think I want. But I trust the Lord will take care of me when I open my hands on the death grip on my life that I used to control situations with.

Does this make me passive? No! I am actively submitting my will and desires to a God who loves me more than I comprehend. He made the heavens and the stars and everything underneath it, and I know he will take care of me.

And the COOL thing is: I have been so much happier these days. I am learning God shows himself through GOOD times, not just stressful circumstances. He does things for us simply because He is good. That is almost mind-blowing to comprehend. I don't fully understand it nor do I deserve it, but then again that's the definition of grace.

You will make known to me the path of life, in your presence is fullness of joy, in your right hand are pleasures forever. Psalm 16:11

*Thanks to JH for the Seinfeld quote

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