Monday, January 28, 2008

Mellow Times

First I would like to thank President Bush for my tax rebate coming later this spring - I took it as an invitation to purchase a new ipod. I'd like to call her Coby, after the super nice Apple employee who helped me Saturday. This is already helping kick up my workouts a notch, which is probably why I'm so SORE right now! Having mono kept me from working out for two months, so now it's like climbing a mountain back up to the peak! But the ipod helps keep me going longer!

On that note, I am the most non-techno savvy person around. I basically just don't care. But this is cool - we got wireless internet at our apartment and cable tv WITH DVR - this is a big deal for those of you who know me. Typically, I am the last to get hit with the technology train. But now I'm doing my best to hop on.

I am packing to go to Atlanta for a few days, partially for work and partially for fun mini-vacay with my little brother.

I've been thinking lately that the Lord is doing something big in my life and I'm just waiting around to see what He's gonna hit me with next. Almost like waiting for the sky to drop again in a semi-negative way. But in reality ... I know He's allowing me to enjoy a mellow life for a little while. Just having fun with friends and life and work, and truly being content where He's put me for now. God really is so good. Regardless of the difficulty or ease of circumstances. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.
My heart is so calm and I have to praise the Lord for that. It's a wonderful feeling. :)


Alyssa Lynn said...

A new ipod!!! That is so exciting! What color is it? I am way stoked for you! Happy workouts and happy atlanta and happy monoless life!

rob. said...

yay for mellow times! and my ipod's name is colby, so i feel it will have some sort of connection with your much newer, cuter friend.

i love you, girl! have an awesome time in atlanta. :)

eLiSe said...

yay for ipods and internet and DVR and tax rebates!!! ooooooh and now you can listen to your ipod on the plane on the way to atlanta and it will be fantastic :) love you!

eLiSe said...

new blog post please!

the other steph... said...

what color!?!?! i think if i would just finally give in and buy a new one(see i still have my original ipod mini, lime works perfectly and i don't know why i should buy a new one until it dies!!) then i would probably have to get that nifty seafoam green one...i sorta love seafoam green, no lie. i don't really know why though!